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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hostgator Webhosting

I found this article somewhere. Hostgator's legitimate independent reviews are really hard to find.
(The Hosting News) - April 17, 2006 -

Shared, dedicated and reseller hosting leader, Host Gator, says its top 1,000 resellers are averaging 49.5 hosted web sites, with the top reseller hosting 827 sites.

In order to calculate the average, Host Gator retrieved data from the logs of 8,000 resellers that joined Host Gator between December 1, 2003 and February 22, 2006.

Brent Oxley, President and Co-Founder of Host Gator commented, ''We are extremely pleased about the fantastic progress our reseller partners are making. Starting from scratch and getting up to nearly 50 hosted sites is a testament to the enormous business potential of our reseller program.''

According to the company, the results are even more impressive considering that Host Gator resellers typically upgrade to a dedicated server when they reach about 50 customers. These dedicated hosting clients were not included. Host Gator began working with resellers in December 2003 and its network now includes over 10,000 partners, with the company adding hundreds of new resellers every month. It is by far one of the largest reseller networks in the web hosting industry.

Resellers are able to offer competitive price points that maximize profits. The Aluminum Plan is priced at just $24.95 per month and can accommodate the hosting of an unlimited number of web sites.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Micfo webhosting

I couldn't find any reviews for Micfo except for the following one. The following review is from like a year or so.

Source: webhostingtalk.com
I have been using Micfo for about two months, and launched the full version of the site on November 5. My site has been extremely fast, and I have seen no downtime. My only problem was initially that Urchin stats didn't work originally, but it is up now (and I didn't even submit a report request about it).

It is incredibly cheap, and I have not had to use tech support once. I will review the service as I continue to use it. I have seen a lot of problems with different hosts on this site, and I was glad that I didn't have a "host nightmare" as so many have had.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


1and1 Scams
by dancameron.org

First off I would love to go into detail like Thomas Hawk has with his horrible experience with PriceRitePhoto but I won’t.

My horrible consumer experience is with 1and1, the hosting company I can no longer recommend and if you use them I strongly recommend reading this and start your cancellation now.

It all started 6 months ago when I wanted to cancel my exchange hosting plan with 1and1. I emailed customer service directly and they responded with a link to cancel services. I went directly to the site and noticed for security purposes they have you sign a form and fax it to them to verify that you want to cancel your services, understandable. So I did. 30 days pass with no cancellation 60 days pass with no cancellation and then 67 days pass with no cancellation and they bill me for 90 more days of service. During that whole time frame I emailed them over and over asking them directly to cancel the service and they kept responding with the boiler template of “please visit cancel.1and1.com to cancel any service”.

2 months ago I left 1and1 for mediatemple because of stability issues of their root servers, configuration on my side or on theirs is unknown. I sign the contract for cancellation and I notice again the service will be cancelled in 30 days, I didn’t want to pay an extra $60 because by not cancelling the service in the next 13 days it would roll into the next billing period, so I crossed the 30 days out and put NOW. Doing so I can only guess voided the fax, in the fine print it said do not edit this form and without them telling me they billed me the next period. Noticing this I emailed their billing department for weeks trying to get a real response. 50 emails later, with mostly all the messages stating they never received the fax and me replying that I had confirmation emails to prove they did, I finally got a pleasing response, “we will credit you back”. Taking their word I waited and let my accounts just cancel.

Well they didn’t, I just got another invoice showing they charged me for my root plan. Knowing that that this day would come I called my credit card company days before and reported my card lost, freezing the card. And even though the invoice was after the date I froze the card I still need to call the CC company to confirm a non-charge. And I really hope there isn’t a charge because I rather not go through the CC company on the fraudulent charges from 1and1 even if it gets me back my money, I just want this to end.

I hate 1and1, I could only assume they do this on purpose because people, including myself, will just let it drag out for moths meanwhile charging them for services they don’t use.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Very interesting information to use as a review about Godaddy Web hosting plans.
Source: diggdown.net
The Truth About GoDaddy's Economy Plan

In late November i purchased two months of hosting from GoDaddy.com . The whole reason for purchasing hosting was to host a web site to serve a podcast from. I would offer a podcast of about 70 mb every weekend. Some of you may know which site i am talking about, i choose not to spam my link and stick to the facts. I thought the 5GB of storage and 250GB of transfer plan would be great. There is no way i would go over 250gb of transfer in a month, and there is no way i would ever fill 5gb of storage. I thought wrong. This is not a publicity stunt. I just want GoDaddy to admit they cannot provide what they promise. Some of you may be saying "OF COUSE you are not going to get that much transfer for that price". I understand, that is common sense. But the fact is if they OFFER that much hosting for such a low price, they should PROVIDE that much hosting for that price.

The Problem:
At first i hosted the whole site off GoDaddy's servers. Then when the PHP became unstable i switched to only hosting the podcast off of them. Now i cannot even do that. The downloads will cut off for users after 3-6% of the download. GoDaddy would not acknowledge the problem. They blamed everything else but themselves. They said it was the users' ISPs, my fault, or just the way lift was on a shared server. They even tried to get me to upgrade my account when i hadn't even used the allotted storage and transfer i paid for! See for yourself. Sorry for the lack of formatting but i wanted to get right to the point. You may contact me here.

Email #0:

In the global use policy it is stated:
"Go Daddy may review every account for excessive space and bandwidth
utilization and to terminate or apply additional fees to those accounts
that exceed allowed levels."
If i purchased an account with 250 GB of monthly bandwidth, and i use it
within a month, would that be considered "excessive". Also, do you
disable the account when it reaches its transfer limit or charge me more
fees? If i can choose i would like it to be disabled when set bandwidth
limit is reached. A lot of hosts say "unlimited" bandwidth or state an
extremely high amount of bandwidth availability (such as 250gb) and then
go back on their word. I just want to make sure this company keeps it's
promises. Thanks.

Their Response:
Thank you for contacting customer support. Please note that if you stay within your bandwidth limit, it is not considered excessive. We will not notify you of a bandwidth overage and you will be charged for it. You can however pre-purchase extra bandwidth.

(pre-overage)Cost $3.95 per 1gb (1000mb)of Bandwidth.

If you have bursted your bandwidth, the cost will be $5.95 per 1gb (1000mb)of Bandwidth.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


by bobthegoat
Review: of Shieldhost [shieldhost.com]

Overall Grade: D

I have been using Shieldhost for about a year.
I signed up for their Starter plan which is 700 mb storage and 15 gb transfer on a one year discount.

The good side of this host is that they support SSH, and everything they offer is unlimited like mysqls, and sub domains. For my purposes the host has been bearable. I’m not one of those people that expect to get a Hilton for the price of a motel 6. But at the same time I am certainly not going to renew with shieldhost either.

I just host junk mainly. Picture for forums posts. Random webpages for various projects I do, goldmine for family pictures etc etc. Lately I have started hosting a phpbb for a gaming group I game with. It has about 45 registered users so it's not exactly a big time forums.

First bad thing that happened was that when I went to create a sub domain I found out that you have to get a support ticket and have them manually activate it. I originally was going to use a lot of sub domains for family and friends but after the weeks wait it took for the first sub domain, I gave up at one.

Next is the down time. My domain was totally inaccessible, no ftp http, or ssh, for 2 days. I sort of hoped they had gone out of business so that I would have great excuse to find another hosting company . I sent in a support ticket and they responded fairly quickly and fixed the problem ( they responded in 2 days) so 4+ days total down time.

Another problem I have only recently noticed but would guess was always there is that their service seems to blink out a lot. I access my domain more then I used because of the phpbb, and I would say about once every 2 days I will have short times where my domain times out and I can't connect to anything on my domain (maybe lasts 30 sec at a time, its hard to tell, You just have to keep hitting reload, or try back in a few minutes)

Also my phpbb runs very slowly and is slow to respond when a person first connecting to it most of the time. The website is worst at night, sometimes the site will time out when posting to it and that really sucks. One day I posted a bunch of pictures linked to my shieldhost domain on a fairly heavily used forum, and right after I posted them they received about 200 views. Then all of a sudden shieldhost went down and none of my pictures hosted with them would show for about 2 hours.

They say that they offer Frontpage support But this does not seem to actually be the case. I was going to set up a sub domain for a family member that uses FrontPage, and let them upload and manage with the frontpage extensions but while their support webpage, which is actually almost nonexistent, says they are ready by default. I find this strange, since, 1. They are running linux, 2. If they actually do offer frontpage extensions it must be a support ticket issue, as frontpage extension are not installed by default, though their support document doesn’t say you have to contact them to use frontpage extension, since my only other support ticket issue took about a week, I just didn’t bother. Finally about a week ago FTP was working but the website was down for a good 3 hours.

So in conclusion Shieldhosts uptime is very bad even for someone like me with nothing mission critical running with them. CMS like mambo, and phpnuke, and phpbb all seem to run a bit glitchy and laggy. But they do seem to still be at the helm of their ship as they will respond to support tickets, ( I've only sent 2, once for the sub domain and once for the outage, I try to not be one of those customers that use support a lot)

Also they have basically no support documents except for a few short tutorials covering the very basics, and the user manual that came with their admin php software, which is broad and vague as would be expected. I suspect another one of those operations run out of a New Jerseys basement by russian immigrant, simply the basis of the fact that they guy's name that responded to my support ticket, and the guy who's name appears on the paypal subscriptions where both as Russian as you can get. Nothing wrong with that, but couple that with the service quality ( or lack there of), it doesn't instill confidence in me as a customer.

On the upside, they do offer ssh, perl , php, flash and shockwave, Unlimited mysqls is also nice, though that isn't much to gloat about nowadays.

Overall Grade: D

P.S. any suggests for a replacement host. It would be fun to have a host that supports multiple domains. Actually I don’t really care if they aren’t absolute first rate if they are cheap, as everything I would do with them isn’t really important, though obviously I would try to avoid the total dead fish companies.
Thanks, this is really a fair and concise report, I have been with IICInternet.com for a long time , perhaps you want to try them, they don't offer SSH though, the rest they should be able to offer.
Thanks, I will look into IICInternet.com.

I have looked at hostony, hostrocket, andd dreamhost.

I like all the stuff that hostony gives for the money. But, their transfer amounts are really large, I'll never use that much and if I was doing 100 gigs of transfer a month it wouldn't be on a shared host. Makes me think that they are just desperate to get customers.

With the prices of domains being so low nowdays, I like the idea of a resaler accounts as they allow you to host mulitple domains. But I'm not sure if the couple of dollars more a month is worth it just so that I can have stuff separated into mulitple domains, though the idea of it is cool . Have one for the family junk, one for the gaming and one for my work projects.
For family and gaming , looks like any host can do, but maybe you should separate your work project hosting to ensure minimal problem. Rather pay a little more for the work project hosting.
IICInternet.com is good - I have an account with them for soemthing I needed hosted separately. Then quoting your issue about transfer - they must either have unmetered bandwith, or they are dratically overselling taking the averages in factor. The average website on the web doesnt use but maybe 5% of what they are sold.
bobthegoat, thank you for the objective, detailed review. It seems to me that you know what money can actually buy and don't have too high expectations when it comes to budget hosts. That can save you from being disillusioned at times.

Good luck with your search!
That is quite a long review. Now someone needs to compile a large list to go by


by Montrealer

A little story about my experience with surfspeedy. I decided to give them a try 10 days ago. Well, it was short but not sweet at all. I took their businness plan at 9.99 a month. I wanted to start with a forum (SMF), so I worked on my forum every day last week and customizing it, so I was the only one on the forum and it was already running slow, every time I checked at the servor status on the cpanel, the server load was in the red, I don't know if this was responsible for the forum beeing slow but I sent them an email to complain about. Well, nobody answered me.

First thing you know, monday of this week, same thing, but this time my website went down. I contacted them and they repaired it within 15 minutes but it was too late, I had it with them. With these problems on the first week I didn't want to take a chance on having problems later with a forum with actual members on it. So they cancelled my account like I asked them BUT, I had made the big mistake of registering my domain with them, big big mistake. Now they won't answer my emails, when I go on the chat with them they are very polite and everything, someone is supposed to contact me and they will unlock the domain but i am still waiting.

I choosed to pay on a monthly basis with them, so what I lose is 9.99 plus the price for the domain registration. I don't have anymore time to lose with this bunch of loosers, they can keep my 20 bucks and keep my domain hostage if it amuses them. I will register another domain with cheapname or another registrar like I should have done in the first place and I guess I will continue to go with those who have a good name like eleven2 and asmallorange.

So when you read "Worry free hosting", "It's risk free" or "100% uptime guarantee, don't always believe it.

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